Last updated: 05-04-20

This page is dedicated to unusual household items that have Steampunk over tones (not sold in any store). I will be posting more and more items as time goes on.

Posted: 05-03-20

The Steampunk Electric Shelf
This is a project I did during the COVID isolation period. It has 4 lights and measures 30” [787.4mm] wide X 11” [279.4mm] deep X 14” [355.6mm] high. The “Steampunk Electric Shelf” is the first of its kind.
Posted: 05-04-20

The Nautilus Wall Panel
The wall panel was built to go on the wall over my desk. I wanted to have the feeling I was aboard the Nautilus while working. It measures 36” [914.4mm] wide X 24” [609.6mm] (32” [812.8mm] overall High). It would also be well suited to be over a bar at a frat house.